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6/19/2003  How to request a separate eRIDE account for your staff  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
As a district Superintendent, you may designate and assign staff responsibilities in managing and reporting data to the State on eRIDE. We strongly recommend you request for a separate eRIDE account for each of your data staff in stead of letting your staff share YOUR account, and to do so, simply log in to eRIDE with your login/password provided below and click on District MIS Staff after you log in. In the past few weeks, we have trained some (if not all) of your data staff on how to use eRIDE to do the state reporting. Data currently being submitted through eRIDE include: the June Pupil Summary data, the Graduates, the Transportation, and the SALT Indicators. In the Fall, we will be collecting the October 1st Membership data, the dropout data and the data at-home instructed students and the non-certified staff. For more information about eRIDE, click on the eRIDE link provided below.