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8/4/2004  RIDE - EOY Consolidated State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The following general reminder was emailed earlier this week to your LEA data and administrative personnel who are involved in the year-end consolidated state reporting of student data. We are about to analyze the submitted data for the purposes of school classification and state aid in the week following the deadline date of August 15th. This consolidated reporting started in mid-June, the districts and schools were given a full two months to complete the reporting. It is absolutely critical that we have the data in time for accountability and state aid purposes, any delay or mis-reporting will result in mis-classification of your schools and a delay of State Aid distribution. As of today, a handful of districts and LEAs including the largest districts in the State have submitted the data, some have signed off the reporting. Please check with your district's data manager on the current status of this reporting and ensure the data are submitted to the State by August 15th. Attached is the general reminder emailed out earlier this week. ========================================= This is to remind you that the year-end consolidated reporting is due by August 15th. This deadline is critical, because we will be analyzing the reported data for state aid and accountability purposes. E.g., the attendance and graduation, high school senior dropout information will be used to compute the attendance and graduation rates for each school, which is one of the 21 indicators RIDE uses to classify the schools. State Aid will be distributed on the basis of the Pupil Summary data submitted as part of this consolidated reporting! Any delay or mis-reporting will result in mis-classification of your schools and a delay of State Aid distribution. If you have the complete data for some of the schools in the district, upload and submit them NOW and submit the remaining schools at a later time (but no later than Aug 15th); If you need extra time to compile the information for students enrolled in out-placement programs (which typically takes extra time), we may be able to give you an extension of another week or two. Send me a request for extension (Dr. Ken Gu, All reports (June Enrollment, Pupil Summary, Graduates, Dropouts, Retention and Mobility) have to be carefully reviewed for possible errors, signed off and a copy faxed to RIDE by the deadline date. The Pupil Summary reports (ADMs and ADAs) also need to be audited properly by the district contracted personnel. There is a Pupil Summary report for each school, one for the district and another one for tuitioned students (##190, where ## is the district code). Questions related to this email should be directed to Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241, Thank you! ================================================