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7/23/2004  RIDE - first annual workshop on State reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all LEA superindendents/school directors and data managers, to invite the LEA data personnel to attend RIDE's first annual workshop on State reporting. This one day workshop is intended to introduce to new and current data personnel about RIDE's latest initiative and development on State reporting. Participants will learn how to use the RIDE's newly developed Information Services portal (eRIDE) to consolidate and submit state and federally mandated data and reports throughout the year. Participants will also learn how to use RIDE's unique student ID system to locate and request for a State Assigned Student ID (SASID). Attendance is required for State/District/LEA data managers/directors, SASID Administrators, eRIDE user account administrators; Attendance is also requested for New or current information/data systems administrative personnel (data administrators, analysts, programmers, data clerks or any personnel who are responsible for State reporting); Consultants, system vendors. Each participant may register and participate more than one session. The workshop will be conducted on August 23rd, Monday at RIDE conference room 501. A light lunch will be provided. There will be three sessions between 10-3pm: 10-11am - introduction to eRIDE, RIDE's Information Services portal 11-12pm - introduction to SASID, State Assigned Student ID system 12-1pm - lunch break 1-3pm - introduction to State reporting, submitting consolidated data on student demographics, enrollment, attendance, dropout, graduates, program services, etc. for assessment, accountability, state aid, and other State and federally mandated reporting. To sign up, simply to login to eRIDE with your user login, then click on Trainings/Workshops. You may sign up for your staff/colleagues. You may also sign up for more than one session. An email confirmation will be automatically delivered to you upon successful submission of your signup form. For more and the latest information about this workshop, click or follow this link: (or if you are within RIDE) or contact Marie Gariepy of the Office of Information Services at RIDE (222-4600 x 2231,