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7/15/2004  eRIDE: tip on reformatting Excel spreadsheet before submission  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We've recently had serveral calls requesting for assistance on formatting the enrollment records as some of you kept getting the error messages about missing data as a result of incorrectly formatted data. Here are some tips/general steps on how to reformat the entire set of records before trying to upload and submit the data. This procedure corrects any formatting problems with the spreadsheet. You may perform this procedure whenever is needed, it only takes a couple of minutes to do. This 'export/import' procedure is also available online under General Instructions. 1. save the Excel document into a tab-delimited text file, click OK, Yes 2. close file, 3. file/open the newly created text file, import wizard comes up, 4. set 'start import at row=2', click on next, 5. click on next again, 6. set all fields into TEXT (select all fields by clicking the first and last field while holding down the Shift-key, then check on Text), click on finish, 7. insert or copy the field names from the sample Excel document into the first row, name the sheet to 'sheet1', 8. file/save the new document as an Excel document with a different file name. Please feel free to contact us for additional technical assistance about this procedure. Thank you! =================================================