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6/15/2004  eRIDE: an update on Consolidated Year-End State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The data reporting tool for the consolidated year-end state reporting of student enrollment and demographic records has been delivered to your eRIDE portal. There are two different levels of access: full access and read-only access. Please make sure you have been given the appropriate access. If you are no longer responsible for the year-end reporting of student data to the State, please call or email Marie Gariepy (222-4600 x 2231,, we will be happy to remove this application from your portal. LEA data managers with user management rights may also add or drop this data reporting tool to and from users' eRIDE portal. For smaller LEAs with fewer than 500 students (e.g., Charter schools, State operated schools), we suggest you start with the Excel document(s) you used for data submissions in the past (e.g., the Spring Rosters). RIDE can also provide you with a pre-populated Excel document with the information you submitted in the past, simply send us an email ( with your LEA/School name, the dates of first and last day of school and total school days for 03-04. Typically, with a pre-populated Excel data file, you will need to do the following: 1. properly 'initiate' every enrollment with the correct enroll_date; keep in mind a student could enroll at any time during the year, another may have multiple enrollment records. 2. properly 'exit' every enrollment with the right exit_date and exit_type. 3. provide the membership and attendance data for each enrollment; 4. correct/update the student demographics, particularly the newly added fields on Lunch, Title1, Sec504, Homeless, and CtechCtr. For larger LEAs, we continue to ask you to extract the needed enrollment and demographic records from local Student Information Systems. All questions regarding this update should be directed to Dr. Ken Gu ( Thank you!