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5/26/2004  RIDE - the latest on consolidated June State reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that we have made some revisions to the record layout and the set of instructions for the upcoming consolidated June reporting to the State. Thanks to the districts and SIS vendors who provided us helpful comments and feedbacks in the past couple of weeks. By cross-walking the plan with other departments' data needs at RIDE, we identified additional common data elements that are otherwise separately collected from you in the summer. This reporting consolidates and generates over a dozen reports for the purposes of State aid, accountability, school classification and other state and federal program based reporting. This listing here identifies some of the independent reportings that the LEAs will have to do in the upcoming months and that can be replaced by this single consolidated reporting: 1. The June Membership Report (J010): for SASID and State Assessment 2. The Pupil Summary Report (J005): for State Aid and Accountability 3. The District Pupil Summary Report of Tuitioned Students (J005D): for State Aid and Accountability 4. The District Non-Resident Student School Lunch Eligibility Report: for State Aid 5. The Regional District Pupil Summary Report by Resident Community (J005R): for State Aid 6. The Charter School Pupil Summary Report by Sending District (J005C): for State Aid 7. The Charter School Lunch Eligibility Report by Sending District: for State Aid 8. The Report of High School Senior Graduates (J015): for Accountability and Federal Reporting 9. The Report of High School Senior Dropouts (J011): for Accountability and Federal Reporting 10. The Report of Student Mobility/Stability (SALT): for State & Federal Reporting 11. The Report of Student Retention Rate: for State & Federal Reporting 12. The Report of Student Enrollment in Career and Technical Centers: for State & Federal Reporting 13. The State Report of Homeless Students: Federal Reporting Consolidated reporting also improves the quality of the data and in the meantime reduces the burden on the LEAs to perform independent and often times redundent reporting. The latest version of the consolidated June reporting record layout and instructions has been posted at: It is very important that you review the record layout and the instructions and assess your LEA's capacity to perform this consolidated reporting. We strongly encourage the LEA data managers and administrators who will be responsible for generating and preparing student records for submission to come to the trainings/workshops on June 9th. We will open up another workshop in that week if we can not accommodate all of the needs. If you have not signed up for the workshop, please do so at your earliest convenience. To sign up, simply login to eRIDE, then click on Trainings/Workshops on the menu on your left-hand side. All questions and comments should be directed to me @ 222-4600 x 2241, Thank you! =================================================