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5/21/2004  RIDE - workshop on consolidated June State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message follows up a previous memo sent to all LEA data managers on a plan for consolidated State reporting for June. The general feedback on this plan from the LEAs is positive. This reporting will not only reduce the burden on the LEAs to perform upto a dozen separate reporting to the State, but also increase the timeliness and the quality of the data. This is to invite the LEA student information management personnel to attend a 2-hour training/workshop at RIDE on June 9th from 1-3pm. We ask all data managers to sign up and attend this workshop even if you have doubts if your LEA is ready for this type of consolidated reporting. We will arrange an additional session if the demand exceeds capacity. To sign up, simply login to eRIDE, click on Trainings/Workshops on your left hand size. The June reporting will officially start on June 7th, all reporting needs to be done by August 15th with no exceptions due to increasing demand for timely data by the State Accountability and State Aid systems. For details of this consolidated June reporting plan, please follow this link: Please keep in mind this plan is still subject to further revisions as we're getting more helpful feedbacks from the districts. Thank you! Dr. Ken Gu, Office of Information Services, RIDE ================================================