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5/19/2004  RIDE - consolidated state reporting for June  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
I'm sending this memo to all district/LEA data managers for review of a plan for consolidated State reporting for June. In June of each year, RIDE typically collects the following information from each district, Charter and state operated schools: 1. The Pupil Summary Report (J005): for State Aid and Accountability 2. The District Pupil Summary Report of Tuitioned Students (J005D): for State Aid and Accountability 3. The Regional District Pupil Summary Report by Resident Community (J005R): for State Aid 4. The Charter School Pupil Summary Report by Sending District (J005C): for State Aid 5. The Report of High School Senior Graduates (J015): for Accountability and Federal Reporting 6. The Report of High School Senior Dropouts (J011): for Accountability and Federal Reporting 7. The Report of Student Mobility/Stability (part of SALT Indicators): for State Reporting 8. District transportation report. 9. SALT Indicators For this year, we added June Membership reporting for SASID maintenance and State Assessment purposes. That's a total of 10 individual reports, not to mention most need to be disaggregated by key student demographics and program status for accountability and federal reporting purposes! A number of districts have asked repeatedly 'why can't we submit the data to you all at once?' 'Why separate reporting of the same information over and over again?' 'Why can't send you the individual student attendance records?' While we still can not do all state reporting all at once, but we certainly recognize the need for more consolidated reporting. So in response to your calls, to reduce the burden on the LEAs to perform each of these separate June reporting and to improve the timeliness and quality of data, we are planning to consolidate the majority of the June reporting into one: we will call it the June Enrollment Report! I have drafted the plan and set of instructions for you to review and comment (see The District Transportation and the rest of the SALT Indicators will continue to be reported separately this year. Individual June reports were collected between June 1st and August 15 last year, but because of this consolidation, the State will not be able to accept data submissions until June 7th. The LEAs will therefore have an extra week to prepare the data. The deadline of Aug 15th is critical, because we will be analyzing the reported data for state aid and accountability purposes. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I will be out of my office until Monday May 24th. Please feel free to email me ( or call me next week. Please also let me know if there is a need for a 2hr group workshop/training in early June, I will be happy to accommodate as well. Thank you! Dr. Ken Gu Office of Information Services, RIDE ================================