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5/15/2004  RIDE - the latest on the review of student demographics for State assessment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to let you know that we just updated the general instructions on eRIDE with the application for reviewing the student demographics for state assessment. We added a number of commonly asked questions and the answers to these questions under the 'common questions and answers' section. The following is a copy of all of the commonly asked questions with answers: Q. Can I 'delete' a student who is in the assessment file(s) by mistake (e.g., a bad test booklet)? A. While you are not allowed to delete a student, you can 'withdraw' that student by checking the 'withdrew' field. Q. How come some of the student records and selected fields are highlighted in yellow? A. The highlighted data are collected at the time of testing. The non-highlighted areas contain data from the December and March roster data collections. The 'yellow data' are particularly important to review because of our concerns with Harcourt's scanning process. The files Harcourt sent us contain errors. Harcourt is working to resolve the problem. In the meantime, we would like you concurrently to review the data for accuracy. Q. What do I do with the few records that are missing the LASID or SASID? A. Nothing. RIDE will fix them at a later time. Q. Should I worry about mis-spelled student names? A. You are not required to correct the mis-spelled names for this time. Q. What if a student was not IEP at the time of testing, but now he/she is, should I check the IEP field for that student? A. Yes. This rule applies to all other program fields. Call the Assessment Office for further questions on this rule (222-4600 x 2101, ask for Ellen Hedlund or Van Yidana). Q. Does the summary report/signoff sheet include all students in a subject file? A. Yes, it summarizes all students that are in the file, including those that are withdrew or exempted. There is a summary report for each subject file. Q. How come the summary report/signoff sheet on student demographics do not reflect the changes and updates? A. You have to click on 'update student counts' to reflect the changes and updates. Q. Can I make the changes in the Excel files that I downloaded and submit them to RIDE? A. You may download the files to view and print (this function is only available to district data managers), but the Assessment Office will NOT accept corrected Excel files unless you have been approved to do so. Q. If I need to make more changes to a school's file after I locked it, who do I call? A. Please call the Assessment office at 222-4600 x 2101, ask for Melissa Cabral; if not available, call Scott Gausland at 222-4600 x 2240. Q. Who do we contact for help? A. For assessment related questions, please call 222-4600 x 2101, ask for Dr. Ellen Hedlund, or Dr. Van Yidana; for questions related to this Web-application, please call 222-4600 x 2240, ask for Scott Gausland or email Dr. Ken Gu ( Ken will be out of office for the week of May 17th. Thank you! ===================================================