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5/12/2004  RIDE - Assessment Demographic Files  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We are receiving many calls regarding the guidance that has been distributed regarding the review of your demographic files. This is to clarify some of the most common questions. 1. The memo and directions were sent to a wide audience with the understanding that central office data managers have primary responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the data. We believe it is critical for data managers to work with building principals and other central office staff to finalize the review process. Therefore, you are encouraged to create a process whereby the principal must sign-off on the accuracy of their school’s student data. 2. Data managers have access to change the files. Many districts have “read only” files available to principals. It is important for principals to contact their data managers to identify a process for changing inaccurate data. 3. The data that is highlighted in yellow was collected at the time of testing. The non-highlighted areas contain data from the December data collection. The yellow data is particularly important to review because of our concerns with Harcourt’s scanning process. The files sent to us by Harcourt have some errors. Harcourt is working on resolving the problem. In the mean time, we would like you to concurrently review the data for accuracy. It is extremely important to review these files because they will form the foundation of our accountability system. Errors that appear here will misrepresent your schools’ progress. Please take the time to review the data now. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions, 222-4600, ext. 2100. Thank you in advance for all of the work you are putting into this process. Mary Ann Snider, Director of Assessment and Accountability Rhode Island Department of Education =================================================