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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
5/12/2004  RIDE - your login information for reviewing the High Standards demographic files  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
You receive this message because you have been assigned by your local central office data managers or RIDE for access to a Web-based application that allows you to review and/or update the demographic information for the students who tool the Spring High Standards assessment in ELA and Math for grades 4, 8 and 11. The work starts today May 12th and ends on May 18th. This email provides you the login and password information needed for the appropriate access to this secured Web application. To begin, follow the Web link below, login with the attached user login and password, and click on 'Review of High Standards Demographic File'. If you have been coded with full access, you will not only be able to view and print the demographic records for every student who took the test, but also make changes and sign off the work. If you are unable to make any changes, that means you are coded with READONLY access. Contact your district data managers if a mistake has been made or you are inappropriately coded for level of access. It is essential that you read the General Instructions before you start the work. If you forget your user login, you can always retrieve it yourself by filling out the login/password lookup form on the user login page or the eRIDE home page. For questions related to state assessment, please contact the State Assessment office at 222-4600 x 2101. For questions related to the use of this application or report a system bug, please contact the Office of Information Services at 222-4600 x 2240 or x 2241. Thank you! =============================================