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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
5/11/2004  RIDE - review of New Standards Demographic File  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all LEA data personnel who manages user access rights to applications on eRIDE. As you probably have already been informed by your superintendent's office, the LEAs have been asked to review and update the demographic information for students who took the 2004 New Standards assessment in ELA and Math (grades 4, 8 and 11th). The work starts on May 12th and completes on May 18th. We will follow up with additional instructions on how to complete the process later this afternoon. The Web-based eRIDE application 'Review of New Standards Demographic File' is now ready for 'delivery'. By default, you have already been given full access to this application. It is your responsibility to 'deliver' this application to other LEA users by May 12th when the work starts. For this application, you are able to assign FULL ACCESS or READONLY rights to individuals in your LEA. To assign READONLY rights to an individual, click on 'addReadOnly' instead of 'add' next to the application as you normally do. It is critical that you do not start the work until Wednesday May 12th. It is also important that the affected district personnel have the appropriate access to the data by May 12th. General instructions have been posted online with the application. Any followup instructions, questions and answers will be sent to you through eRIDE and posted online under general instructions as well. Please contact the Assessment Office (222-4600 x2101) if you have any questions related to timelines and the work in general. Thank you very much for your cooperation! Dr. Ken Gu Office of Information Services Dept of Education ============================================