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4/29/2004  RIDE - an update on the LEP Census application  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here is an update of the lastest related to the LEP Census application on eRIDE: 1. a group training session on the use of the SASID integrated LEP Census application was provided on April 28th; users were shown on how to use the State Assigned Student ID and the newly developed built-in tools for information management and reporting. To download a copy of the power-point presentation, click on trainings/workshops, and then click on 'archived presentations'. 2. fields for reporting the 2004 Mac II Scores and Level have been created for data input; RIDE is however researching into ways so that these two fields can be pre-populated for existing students. We will keep you posted on this. 3. you may continue to access eRIDE with the IP address provided to you before; you may also start using this new official URL which will be attached to all future correspondances: RIDE users should continue using the IP address provided for internal use. Please feel free to contact Melissa Cabral (222-4600 x 2101)if you have any questions. Thanks!