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4/20/2004  RIDE - LEP Census application is now back online  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is to inform you that the eRIDE based LEP Census application is now back online. You are now connected to the Statewide unique student ID system (SASID), which means your student and service records can now be linked to other data systems, for example, the state assessment records. So when you try to initiate a new student demographic record, you will be directed to the state ID system (SASID). You will be prompted to a statewide search for that student. When a match is found, you will simply 'copy' that student record into your Census. If however this student is not in the statewide system, you may request for an SASID record. Trainings on use of this new feature as well as a number of other new reporting features will be provided at the Sheraton Hotel on Wednesday April 28th from 9am. If you have not signed up for the training, please login to eRIDE, and then click on Trainings/workshops on the left-hand side. eRIDE login is however not required to sign up for the training. We strongly encourage all ELL program directors, coordinators and data administrators to attend this training session. Thank you for your cooperation! Dr. Ken Gu Office of Information Services, RIDE =====================================