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4/8/2004  RIDE - adding a student to your SPED Census  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all users of the RIDE Web-based Special Education Census application. To add a student to your Special Education Census, please make sure you follow these steps: 1. click on 'add student from roster'; 2. locate the student by student's last name and first name across the state (follow the exact SASID Locator instructions), e.g. 'gates, m' for Michael Gates; 3. once the exact student is located, simply click on 'get record'; this will automatically copy the student's demographic information including the State Assigned Student ID (SASID) over to your Census database; 4. in rare cases, if the student can not be located across the state, you may request for a student demographic record and a SASID to be initiated for that student. Or you may directly contact your local Student Information Systems management personnel and request for a student record to be initiated. To make a request online, simply click on 'Request for a SASID' after your statewide search. Once the student record and a new SASID are initiated, you may go back to Step #2 and copy the newly initiated student record with SASID. Questions related to this procedure should be directed to Charlene Gilman of the RIDE Special Education office (222-4600 x 2302). Thank you! *************************