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4/1/2004  RIDE - a follow-up on resolving the duplicates in Spring Rosters  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all LEA personnel who are preparing and submitting the Spring Rosters. The deadline for submitting and signing-off the rosters is tomorrow, April 2nd. As we emailed you yesterday, we recently discovered quite a number of duplicates in the Spring Rosters being submitted to RIDE. These duplicates need to be resolved BEFORE the rosters are signed off. To check and see if your LEA has any 'duplicates', simply click on 'Check for Duplicates' inside your Spring Roster application. Duplicated students will be alphabetically displayed if found, otherwise, it will say 'no duplicates are found". Often times the duplicates are the result of data errors made in other districts; in this case, you may wait until these districts correct the data errors, or you may send them a message and help resolve the duplicates. Likewise, if the duplicates are the result of data errors in your district, you need to correct the errors immediately because other districts may be affected. Duplicates can happen when more than one district are reporting the same student. A student can not be physically enrolled in more than one district/school at any given time. So if your district has mistakenly reported a student in one of your school rosters, you need to delete that student. If you don't, that student may be counted as one of no-test takers and be given a zero score, because this student is reported and tested in another district. Duplicates can also happen when more than one student is given the same SASID. Each student should be uniquely identified by one SASID. So check the SASID for students sharing the ID on your duplicate list, correct the one that was incorrectly assigned. If another district incorrectly assigned a SASID to a student, you may wait until the other district corrects the SASID or you may contact that district. To correct the SASID for a student in your district, simply click on the SASID number, correct the SASID, click on Submit to save the changes. Always click on 'Update Student Counts' when updates and changes are made to the rosters. Make sure your source records in your local student record system are updated at the same time. Our Assessment Office will contact you if the rosters have been signed off but with outstanding duplicate students reported in the rosters. Thank you! Dr. Ken Gu