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3/30/2004  RIDE - the latest on SASID implementation  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This important message is sent to all the LEA superintendents/directors and MIS personnel who are responsible for incoorporating the RIDE assigned student IDs (SASID) in their local student information systems. First our congratulations and thanks to majority of the districts and state operated and charter schools who have already successfully implemented the RIDE assigned student ID (SASID)! If you are one of the district or schools that have not started incoorporating the SASID into your student information system, you may be behind in schedule for reporting the Spring student rosters to the State which are due by April 2nd. We use the Spring enrollment data to compute your district/schools' test participation rate and assign zero scores to students who failed to participate in the state tests. We use the unique student IDs you submit with the Spring enrollment data to ensure the accuracy in the counts of your students in each school and their demographic information. If you are one of LEAs that have not responded to the SASID incoorporation process, this is the last call. By end of March, you should have every child in your LEA properly IDed with SASID in your local student record management system. You and/or your data staff should have attended at least one RIDE training session on use of the SASID system. Call or email me if you have any questions (222-4600 x 2241, For help with SASID implementation, please contact Scott Gausland at ext. 2240. Thank you! Ken Gu