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3/26/2004  RIDE - helpful tips on submitting the Spring rosters  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all district personnel who are working on the spring roster data submission. If you are not responsible for any data submission, please ignore this message. If you experience an error message that says 'page can not be displayed' when you click on 'click to submit records', please check the following: 1. Is your Excel spreadsheet sheet1 named as 'sheet1'; 2. Does the header row contain the correctly spelled field names? Are they in the right order? 3. Does the SASID column contain any irregularly formatted SASID with length greater than 10? The system takes 10-digit text or integer for the SASID field. Check for trailing spaces after the SASID. If you believe you formatted the records correctly but continue to have trouble, simply save the records in a tab-delimited text file and import the records back into Excel (see step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the Excel document under Step #1). When you import the records into Excel, format all fields as text, except the DOB as Date, and the SASID field as General. Other latest general instructions on how to submit the Spring rosters are also available with the data submission application. Simply click on General Instructions. We will leave the video conferencing open on next Monday (3/29) for you to call in if you need any last minute assistance to submit the rosters. I'm sick with a flu at home today. If you need to speak someone at the office, please call Scott Gausland (222-4600 x 2240). You are welcome to email me at, I will do the best I can. Hope this helps, Dr. Ken Gu