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3/26/2004  RIDE - training on managing and reporting LEP Census data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to remind you that the training on the use of the Web-based LEP Census for managing and reporting data is on April 28th at the Sheraton Hotel in Warwick. If you have not signed up, please follow the eRIDE link below, login to eRIDE with the attached username and password, and then click on Trainings/Workshops to register! You may register for yourself or for your colleagues. We will be introducing the new State Assigned Student IDs to the Census application. We will be showing you the new reporting tools you can use to clean and report your data. All current LEP program directors/coordinators and data entry staff should attend this training session. All questions related to this training should be directed to Maria Lindia at 222-4600 x 2101. Additional information about this training is also available oRIDE. Thank you!