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3/19/2004  RIDE - preparing Spring rosters for smaller districts/schools  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
For districts or state operated or charter schools who do not have comprehensive student information system, you may use the lastest SASID student master table as the baseline to build your Spring rosters. Here is how: 1. click on SASID or SASID Admin after you login to eRIDE, click on 'download SASID for district'; if you do not have SASID on your eRIDE portal, contact your district data manager or RIDE at 2. save the student records with SASID in Excel Workbook format; 3. make all necessary updates, additions and deletions and create the rosters for all different grades by following the instructions posted online; 4. submit the rosters. If you want to take this approach to build your Spring rosters, we highly recommend that you complete the SASID incoorperation first. Any questions related to SASID implementation should be directed to Dr. Ken Gu