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3/18/2004  RIDE - reporting the Spring Roster for State Assessment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that the application to submit the Spring 04 rosters for state assessment has been delivered to your eRIDE portal, simply click on 'student roster for state assessment - spring 04'. General instructions have also been provided with the application, click on the General Instructions to view. LEA data personnel are responsible for uploading and submitting rosters. Once submitted, rosters and enrollment summary forms will be automatically generated for district and school administrators to review and sign off. A copy of the signed summary form needs to be sent or faxed to RIDE (see instructions at the bottom of the Summary Form). Individual edits and deletions are permitted to resolve any minor discrepancies but must be performed before the the enrollment summary forms are signed off. As soon as the Summary Form is sent/faxed to RIDE and the district office, the LEA data personnel should immediately sign off/lock the rosters electronically to ensure consistency. LEAs are asked to include students attending out-of-district placement programs, but NOT required for this data submission. The RIDE school code for these students is the LEA code followed by '190' (e.g., 28190 for out-placement students in Providence). State operated and charter schools do not need to report the sending district information this time, simply use the LEA code for all students (e.g., '48' for CVS Highlander). All rosters are due by April 2nd! Please read the General Instructions for additional Information. Thank you!