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3/10/2004  RIDE - reporting the Spring Roster for State Assessment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all local MIS personnel who will be uploading the Spring Student Roster information for State Assessment. Please do NOT use the current 'Student Information for State Assessment' application on your eRIDE portal to submit the Spring Student Roster data. You will be notified when the system is ready to accept the Spring roster data in the week of March 15th! In the meantime, please start preparing the rosters with Microsoft Excel for various grades for your schools in your system by following the instructions sent to you from our Assessment Office. You may also decide to send the rosters to school principals to review and sign off on paper before they are submitted to us through eRIDE. We are providing a training/workshop on Friday March 19th 9-12pm for those who are yet unfamilar with the system. To sign up or for more information on reporting the Spring roster data for state assessment, please click on Trainings/Workshops by following the eRIDE link below. Thank you for your patience! Dr. Ken Gu