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3/10/2004  RIDE - requesting SASID  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Some of you may be wondering what to do after you have successfully uploaded and submitted the remaining students missing the SASID. Here is what you do: 1. you will review the list of student demographic and school information after you submitted the records, make any necessary changes, delete the ones that are wrongly submitted; 2. you will then click on 'batch sasid assignment' button, this automated procedure will automatically match and assign the SASID for majority of the students on your list; 3. you will then click on 'find ...' for each of the remaining students with partial matches, and then click on 'assign...' if no match is determined to exit, or click on 'transfer ...' if a match is determined to exit; 4. when done, simply download the 'newly assigned SASIDs in last 7 days' and merge them back to your system. We also recently built an 'enrollment history' database that keeps track of student transfers. For students who have recently been transferred from one school to another or from one district to another, you may simply click on the SASID to view the enrollment history for that particular student. Please email me directly ( if you have any questions with the above procedure or this new feature on enrollment history. I'm in St Louis attending a conference, I will be happy to assist you as much as I can. Finally, our congratulations to a number of districts that have already successfully completed the SASID incoorperation process. And thanks to all of you for your hard work! Dr. Ken Gu