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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
5/17/2016  Non-certified staff data due on May 26th via PDC  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, In accordance with the federal report X059 we need your non-certified staff data to be submitted via the eRIDE Personnel Data Collection module by May 26. This includes all staff in the following categories: • Elementary School Counselors • Elementary Teachers • Instructional Coordinators and Supervisors to the staff • Kindergarten Teachers • LEA Administrative Support Staff • LEA Administrators • Librarians/Media Specialists • Library/Media Support Staff • Paraprofessionals/Instructional Aides • Pre–kindergarten Teachers • School Administrative Support Staff • School Administrators • School Counselors • Secondary School Counselors • Secondary Teachers • Student Support Services Staff • Ungraded Teachers • All Other Support Staff The personnel assignment submission user guide will provide you with details on how to submit this data. Please make sure you review your validation errors and make any necessary changes to clear those errors. If you have any questions about the personnel-assignment collection, please submit a help desk ticket, at Thank you, -Deanna