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4/14/2016  SPED - Reports due June 20 on CEIS funds  Mario P Goncalves 
Reports due June 20 on CEIS funds expended for interventions for general-education students Action Item Any general-education students in grades K through 12 who received academic or behavioral interventions provided through Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) funds from IDEA Part B must be counted and reported to RIDE. This reporting is due by June 20, with a preliminary data submission on May 16; final reporting is due before the close of the school year while program staff are in school in case RIDE has clarification requests. LEAs that voluntarily chose to use CEIS funds must report student participation. Further information on this reporting is available at: Also, an informational PowerPoint on this reporting is viewable at: For additional questions, please contact or (401)222-8985. Emily Klein