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2/18/2004  RIDE: the new SALT Visit Reports publishing system  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
You have been coded to access and preview this newly developed application to upload and manage the SALT Visit Reports using the eRIDE portal. To access the SALT Visit Reports, simply login to eRIDE with the attached login information, click on SALT Visits. Click on Upload SALT Visit Reports to start uploading reports. Some prior year reports have already been uploaded for testing and debuggin purposes. The uploaded reports will be automatically saved and listed by district and by school name. They are also fully searchable by school name (any part) and by district. All reports need to be converted to PDF before they are uploaded to the Web. While you may start uploading and managing the SALT visit reports for any district/school, a dynamic link from the to the new reporting system will be enabled when we are done with the transition from the current system (html) to the new system (web-based, database driven). Until that link is enabled you may view the reports under if you are within RIDE or when you are outside. Once the link is enabled, the public will be automatically directed to the reports. No user login is required to view the reports. Please contact Dr. Ken Gu regarding this new SALT Visit Reports publishing system.