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2/13/2004  RIDE - State Assigned Student Identifier (SASID) Implementation  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This correspondence, I am pleased to say, is in regard to the State Assigned Student Identifier System Implementation. A copy of this letter is in the mail to the district's Superindendent's office. Over the next couple of months, RIDE will be working with your district or state operated school to implement the State Assigned Student Identifier (SASID) system. This letter outlines the plan and the State’s and districts’ roles in the implementation process. The establishment of SASID will simplify data compliance with NCLB, streamline information gathering and dissemination statewide, and systematize efforts to track students, programs and large-scale reform initiatives. The first step in implementing the SASID System is to establish/locate a 10 digit alpha-numeric field for SASID in your local Student Information Systems (SIS). You may create this field yourself or by working with your system vendors. You need to contact RIDE by Feb 27th if you anticipate any problems in regard to this first step. We expect this step to be completed and outstanding issues resolved by March 5, 2004. Our immediate next step is to help enable the districts to incorporate the SASID into their local SISs. Typically, authorized district personnel will login to our SASID system on eRIDE ( and download the most up to-date listing of students with our pre-assigned SASID, and merge the SASID by Locally Assigned Student Identifiers (LASID). Some manual data merging may be necessary to complete this process. We expect this step to be initially completed by end of March, 2004. Districts will start reporting student roster data to RIDE with SASID as early as late March for the State Assessment. Following the March roster reporting, RIDE will assess the implementation process and help districts identify and resolve problems and issues. We expect the entire SASID incorporation process to be completed by June, 2004. To maintain the student information for SASID, districts will be required to submit the basic student demographic and program information 4 times a year: October, December, March and June. Districts have already been submitting data for the October membership, December and March roster information for Assessment, therefore, the only additional data submission is the June membership report. To assist the districts to incorporate and use the SASID system, we ask your data managers, student registration and information administrative clerks to attend one of the upcoming trainings at RIDE on SASID: one on March 4th and another on March 5th, both at 2-4pm. To sign up, simply click on Trainings/Workshops at eRIDE ( In addition to trainings, RIDE will develop and distribute a detailed step-by-step manual on SASID. The implementations of SASID is a vital first step towards building a Comprehensive Education Information System to support informed educational decisions and investments. Questions you may have regarding SASID may be addressed to Director of Networks and Information System, Ed Giroux ( to Senior Data Analyst, Dr. Ken Gu ( Sincerely, David V. Abbott Assistant Deputy Commissioner