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2/6/2004  RIDE - trainings on Implementing State Assigned Student Identifier (SASID)  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Within the next couple of months, RIDE will be working with your district or state operated school to implement the State Assigned Student Identifier (SASID) system. In a few days, we will send you an outline of the plan for implementation and the State's and District's role in the process of implementation and maintenance. This is to invite your technology and data managers/coordinators, and the student record system administrative and data entry staff to attend one of the upcoming training sessions on 'preparing for the final implementation of the SASID system' scheduled for Feb 17th and 18th at 2-4pm. Managers of your district/school's student information systems must attend this training. For each session, participants will learn: 1. how to estabilish/locate a 10-digit alpha-numeric field for SASID in your local student record system; 2. how to incorporate SASID into your student record system; 3. how to look up a SASID; 4. how to request for a new SASID; 5. how to maintain the student information for SASID; To sign up, simply click on Trainings/Workshops on eRIDE. Participants are encouraged to login to eRIDE and then sign up for one of the sessions, but participants may also sign up without an eRIDE login. Please check your email for confirmation after you sign up online. Questions you may have regarding the SASID implementation trainings may be directly addressed to Dr. Ken Gu (222-4600 x 2241;