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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
2/5/2004  RIDE - your eRIDE account  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
To communicate more effectively with our 700+ eRIDE users, we're asking you to take minute to read and respond to the following approriately. 1. if you are no longer with the schools system, or you will no longer use eRIDE for any secured State data reporting, please REPLY this email and request for your account to be removed or disabled; 2. if you wish to use another email address, please login to eRIDE, click on Update my Profile and provide the new email address; please use an email address that you frequently check for emails on a regularly basis; 3. if you have not changed your login password, or if you wish to change your password, please login to eRIDE, click on Change Password; 4. if you wish to hide your login information for future eRIDE mails (like this), please login to eRIDE, click on Update my Profile, check the button for 'Hide Login/Password'; Thank you very much for your cooperation!