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6/5/2015  ELL Census Data Collection Schedule  Charlene Gilman (State) 
Data Managers do not submit this data for this data collection; the ELL Census will be taken offline to collect the data. ************************************************************ Please share this with your English Language Learners personnel who work with the ELL census. ************************************************************ The ELL Census data collection is scheduled for July 1st. Please do not procrastinate, your district or charter school should complete this school year 2014-2015 ELL census before the due date of July 1st. 1. Your census should be updated and completed and all maintenance reports should be run and all corrections completed BEFORE the end of day on June 30, 2015. 2. Please record all students who will graduate this June on the ELL census with the Exit reason ‘Graduated’ and record with the exit date of 6/30/2015. 3. It is not necessary to record ‘school year ended’ with an exit date for all of the students who will continue on your census for the new school year. That will be automatically done by RIDE staff when the data is collected. 4. Once that you have completed the ELL census for this school year 2014-2015 and made all the necessary corrections for your maintenance reports, please be sure to do the following: a) Run a head count based upon this date: 06/30/2015. You can do this at any time by simply changing the ‘Update active status as of date’ to 6/30/2015 and clicking on update (your do not need to wait until the actual date of 6/30/2015 to do this). Then simply click on ‘Date Signed Off’ and the system will produce a report that should be signed by both your ELL Coordinator and your superintendent, then please fax to: Charlene Gilman 222-6030. PLEASE NOTE: Once that you have completed the census and officially signed off by clicking ‘signoff’ next to each school, you should not go into your census and do anymore updates or changes as your census numbers would change. Thank you! Charlene