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4/1/2015  Subject: Data Collection Schedule for EIS (CEIS)   Charlene Gilman (State) 
Ops! Prior email 'Data collection Schedule for EIS(CEIS) had old link. This email has correct link. To ensure the timeliness and successful submission of EIS (CEIS) data, please ask the individual coordinating EIS services to collaborate with your district data manager to review the reporting requirements which will describe how to identify the general education students who received services during the school year 2014-2015 and submit the listing through eRIDE ( This reporting is due by June 17th, with a preliminary data submission on June 5th before the close of the school year while program staff are in school for clarification requests. Districts that voluntarily chose to use CEIS funds must report student participation. Data collected is subsequently reported to OSEP along with the total funds spent on CEIS. Reporting instructions as part of student Enrollment Census can be viewed and downloaded online at Memo can be found at Thanks. Charlene