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3/31/2015  Special Ed Census Data Collection Schedule  Charlene Gilman (State) 
The eRIDE Special Education census reporting data collection schedule is starting early to allow everyone enough time to submit the census and to prevent a system overload. Everyone must resolve all errors, duplicates and ‘certify’ their census by the scheduled timeline. Please do not procrastinate. This data collection concludes the census for the 2014-2015 (current school year). After May 22rd, the census will be up and running for the new school year 2015-2016. Your Data Manager may find it advantageous to submit your census first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon when the resources of the eRIDE system may not be stretched to the maximum. Timelines for Reporting Special Education Census for end of year 2014-2015 Monday, May 11: Special Education Census should be completed and all maintenance reports should be run to ensure all corrections are completed BEFORE the end of today. Tuesday, May 12: Data Managers: The Special Ed Census reporting module is open, please submit your census & check for errors. Please do not add or update to your census unless it is to correct error(s). Correct all errors and re-submit your census to the Special Ed Reporting module until all of your errors are eliminated, then the data manager should ‘certify’ your census. All errors must be resolved, ‘error-free’ and ‘certified’ by noontime on May 19th. Tuesday, May 19: All errors must be resolved and your district/charter must have a ‘Certified’ error-free submission by noontime today so the Duplication process can start today at 12:30 pm. Thursday, May 21: By noontime today all Duplicates must be resolved. If your census had any Duplicates, please ‘re-certify’ your eRIDE Special Ed census after your duplicate(s) has been resolved. Once, you have certified your census, you will be prompted to print out the official head count certification sheet. Friday, May 22: The eRIDE Special Education Census taken offline and closed. Thank you! Charlene