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1/20/2004  RIDE - SASID Preview  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Thank you for coming to the SASID Preview session on 1/15/04. Your feedbacks and suggestions will be incooperated into the next phase of development. For those who were unable to make it on that frigid day, you may go to our eRIDE Web site and download the ppt presentation. To view/download, simply click on the Tranings/Workshops link on the left menu and then click on Presentations. If you need access and preview the system, you will need to contact Dr. Ken Gu (222-4600 x2241 or You will be able to preview all system functions except the ability to authorize IDs. Please also keep in mind that the system may be offline without notice for system development and improvements. Currently we do not have a final date for the implementation, but you and your district superintendent will be informed of such date from the Commissioner's office. Thanks again for your hard work and cooperation!