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1/28/2015  Pearson Administrative & Technology Bulletins  Mario P Goncalves 
Good Morning, I hope everyone weathered the storm without incident. I would like to make you aware of recent Pearson’s bulletins. Pearson releases Administrative and technology bulletins weekly and they can be found on the Pearson site at This week’s Administration Bulletin pertains to the following areas: • Important Dates • PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual • Assistive Technology Guidelines • Training Module Shortcuts • Stop and Go On Signs • ELA/Literacy PBA Field Test • Helpful Hint: What information should I have on hand when calling Customer Support Services? • PARCC Customer Support Center Information The full bulletin is located on Pearson’s site here: The Technology bulletin for this week contains important information regarding the following: • Upcoming Release Dates • White-List URLs for TestNav8 • TestNav8 App Updates • PearsonAccessnext and TestNav8 Version Updates • Using iPads with Global Proxy • Google to Disable NPAPI for Chrome Browser • PARCC Support Center The Google to Disable NPAPI for Chrome Browser is a significant change and should be assessed by districts. I have attached a NPAPI Bulletin from Pearson that addresses this topic in detail. The full Test Nav 8 Technology bulletin is attached and can be found on Pearson’s site here: The NPAPI Bulletin can be found here on the Pearson site: As a reminder, districts should bring all of their browsers to version 8 of Java and then disable the automatic updates to java once their java version is confirmed to be working.