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12/22/2014  PARCC - Reminder and Clarification  Mario P Goncalves 
The Help Desk would like to make districts aware of a common issue when importing or exporting PARCC data within the Some districts have been seeing no data after they import their data. We would like to remind districts verify which assessment period they are importing or exporting from. The assessment period is shown at the top of the screen to the left of your district name. Please make sure that you have the “PARCC Op Spring PBA 2015” select when you upload you student data by January 7th. Then, for the February 6th import, the “PARCC Op Spring EOY 2015” should be selected. Another observation on the Student Registration file, that column AP indicating the retest status is a required field and should not be blank. Districts should populate this field with “N” only. Districts are also inquiring about the timeline for the PNP upload. This upload does not need to be completed by the January 7th deadline but must be uploaded prior to the opening of the test window.