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8/14/2014  SCED 2.0  Lee Rabbitt 
RIDE uses the NCES SCED codes in the TCS data collection. These codes have been updated to Version 2.0. RIDE will be using the SCED Version 2.0 course codes for the upcoming year. I have included links to two documents to assist districts with these new codes. The SCED Excel File ( contains: • A comprehensive list of all 5-digit SCED Course Codes included in Draft SCED Version 2.0. This list includes the Course Title, SCED Course Code, Course Description, and Change Status. • A list of SCED Course Codes commonly included in one of the sixteen Career Clusters® or part of a Family and Consumer Sciences plan of study. This spreadsheet is intended as an example of how the Career Cluster attribute and the Family and Consumer Sciences Indicator can be used to identify courses from different Course Subject Areas that are part of a plan of study. • A list of SCED Version 1.0 Course Codes that have been archived and suggested alternative Course Codes. • A list of Course Codes from the 2011 Prior-to-Secondary SCED and their corresponding new Draft SCED V 2.0 Course Codes. Beginning with SCED Version 2.0, secondary and prior-to-secondary course courses will use the same two-digit Course Subject Area Codes (the first two digits of the Course Code). Previously, prior-to-secondary courses were indicated using a separate set of Course Subject Area Codes. As a result of this change, SCED Version 2.0 can be used to code secondary and prior-to-secondary courses. • Names and definitions of the SCED Elements that make up the 12-character SCED Identifier and optional attributes that can be applied to the Identifier to provide a more robust description of courses. The Forum Guide to School courses for the Exchange of Data (SCED) Classification System ( This best practice guide includes an overview of the SCED structure and descriptions of the SCED Framework elements, recommended attributes, and information for new and existing users on best practices for implementing and expanding their use of SCED. In addition, RIDE has updated all the current courses in the eRide Course Coding Module with the SCED 2.0 course codes. Districts can also upload new courses into the Course Coding module. RIDE is working on a user guide for this module which should be available soon. If you have any questions, please submit a help desk ticket at