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5/30/2014  CTE Ad Hoc Data Collection -TCS Review  Lee Rabbitt 
Board of Education regulations for career and technical education direct RIDE to develop a CTE accountability system for all provisionally and fully approved CTE programs. With this work beginning last year, volunteer CTE centers and comprehensive high schools with CTE programs submitted preliminary (study year) CTE data for the 2012-13 school year. This year, all CTE centers and comprehensive high schools with provisionally approved and fully approved CTE programs ( will be asked to submit program and student level information. For this year (2013-2014), we will be collecting the data via an ad hoc collection tool. In order to prepopulate the collection tool with student information, we will be using the TCS data for the provisionally and fully approved CTE programs. The data has been extracted from the TCS data collection and uploaded to district exchange. Please look at this data and make sure it is accurate. If you see any issues with the data, please correct your TCS upload. This must be done by Friday, June 6. We will be uploading the prepopulated accountability system ad hoc data collection tool to district exchange the week of June 9. This collection is due to RIDE on June 30. As noted in the previous message, a data collection and reporting training session for this collection is scheduled to be held on Thursday, June 19, 2014 from 2:30 - 4:30 pm at RIDE in Room 260. The training will address the collection tool and needed data elements for establishing your program baseline(s). Please contact Sonya Barbosa ( 222-8991) to confirm participation by Friday June 6th. Also please note that this is the last year of a manual collection for CTE data as RIDE is in the process of integrating the CTE data collection into an automated eRIDE collection (