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5/28/2014  Title 1 Private School Services Data Collection  Lee Rabbitt 
Title I, Part A requires school districts to annually offer Title I services to eligible private school children who would have attended a Title I participating school within the district. As part of our annual reporting to US ED, RIDE is required to collect data for private school students that received equitable Title I services during the school year. This data had previously been collected as part of the Title I Local Performance Report. Beginning SY 2013-14, RIDE will begin collecting Title I private school program data through the RIDEmap Portal. Districts that provided Title I services to private school students will enter aggregate data for the number of students served by grade level. A summary of instructions for submitting this report can be found below. Reports are due June 27, 2014. Please note this reporting is only required for districts that operated Title I private school programs in SY 2013-2014. Districts that did not provide Title I private school services are not required to submit reports. Instructions: 1.Log into RIDEMap ( 2.You will need the SSO Role of TitleISvcPriv_DistAdmin. Your district SSO Admin can give you this role in RIDEMap. 3.Click on the “Title1 Private School Services” link. 4.Enter the unduplicated number of students for each grade that had private school students participating in Title I programs. 5.Completed reports are due by June 27, 2014.