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3/10/2014  RIDE requests annual listing of textbooks by March 28   Lee Rabbitt 
Each year, the Department of Education collects and distributes a listing of textbooks used in all public schools in the state of Rhode Island. The purpose of this list is to meet the requirements of General Laws 16-23-2 and 16-23-3, which provides for the loan of textbooks in the areas of math, science, foreign language, English-language arts and history/social studies grades k-12 to non-public schools in Rhode Island. LEAs are required to submit a complete listing of all textbooks planned for use during the 2013-2014 academic year to RIDE using eRIDE. eRIDE is an electronic process through which districts must manage their textbook lists by adding and deleting titles and pertinent information. Instructions for the use of the eRIDE system, including detailed information about uploading textbook titles and ISBN numbers are attached. All districts must update the complete list of textbooks currently in use by MARCH 28, 2014. Once RIDE has received updates from all school districts, the information will be aggregated and posted to the RIDE website. Any inquiries regarding the program should be addressed to Lauren McCarthy at 222-8463 or If there are technical issues regarding the use of eRIDE, please submit a helpdesk ticket at