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3/5/2014  Special Education Census  Charlene Gilman (State) 
Timelines for Reporting May 2014 Special Education Census Monday, May 12: Special Education Census should be complete; all maintenance reports should be run and all corrections should be completed BEFORE the end of today. Tuesday, May 13:Data Managers: The Special Ed Census reporting module is open, please submit your census & check for errors. All errors should be resolved, ‘error-free’ and ‘certified’ by noontime on May 20th. Tuesday, May 20:By noontime today, please have your census data ‘error free’ and ‘certified’ so the Duplication process can start promptly today at 12:30 pm. Thursday, May 22:By noontime today, please have all Duplicates resolved. If your census had any Duplicates, please ‘re-certify’ your eRIDE Special Ed census. Friday, May 23: The eRIDE Special Education census will be unavailable. Thank You! Charlene