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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
2/24/2014  1. LEAs reminded to notify RIDE of adjustments to school calendar  Lee Rabbitt 
Although the school calendar calls this week the “mid-winter recess,” I know that at least one of our school districts (Cumberland) has held classes this week to make up for cancellation days caused by the winter storms. I appreciate the challenges you have faced this school year, as you’ve made tough decisions about cancelling classes and events and have maintained your commitment to providing a full year of excellent instruction. As you know, state law requires a minimum of 180 days of instruction every school year. If you have to adjust or extend your calendar because of school cancellations, please be sure to file your adjusted calendar with RIDE, using the enrollment-census application on eRide. Please note, the Commissioner's Field Memo mistakenly identified the the application to update the calendar as eCert. The correct application is the eRide Enrollment Census.