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2/11/2014  PDC Training and Staff IDs  Lee Rabbitt 
We are preparing to open Phase II of the Personal Data Collection (PDC). This phase will collect data regarding non-certified personnel. All certified and non-certified employees will need a Staff ID. The Staff ID is the same as a SASID. RIDE has created SASIDs for most certified staff and will be pushing these Staff IDs into the PDC. We will also continue to use certification numbers for certified staff in the PDC. Staff who are responsible for the PDC will need SASIDs for non-certified staff. A user guide for the SASID system is included in the eRIDE SASID module. Below is the announcement regarding PDC training on February 26th at NRIC: We will hold our first HR Session for this year on Wednesday, February 26th from 1:00 -4:00 at the Northern RI Collaborative. This session will be mainly dedicated to training on the PAS. Some of the things covered will be: 1. Scenarios of common data entry errors leading to incorrect out of area flags 2. Opportunity to practice making more challenging entries with their own data 3. The addition of non-certified employees to the system Please come as a team if you are not the only person who is designated to enter information into the PAS. Bring examples of non-certified employees that need to be entered into the system. These employees will need staff IDs (obtained through eRide by data managers). Attendees are reminded to bring a laptop with wireless connectivity. Please have your laptop charged, as there are a limited number of outlets available. You can register at Please be sure that everyone who plans on attending registers through that system. Thank You!