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12/30/2013  NECAP Testing Demographic Data Files  Lee Rabbitt 
The NECAP Testing Demographic Data Files are available in eRide via the File Share module. It is very important that principals check their file for accuracy because RIDE will be using the "corrected" files for both accountability (AYP) and growth calculations. RIDE is providing this opportunity so that schools can be proactive rather than reactive once accountability and growth reports are posted. By reviewing demographic data now, schools will know which students will be used to calculate school performance. Principals will need to logon to eRide and click the “File Share” icon. There will be three files in the file share – the NECAP teaching year file, the NECAP testing year file and the NECAP file instructions document. The corrected file must be uploaded to eRide and the principal signoff emailed to by January 31, 2014. The district file share in eRide contains the district files as well as the instruction document. Superintendents, Technology Directors and Data Managers have access to this file. If help is needed at any time, please enter a RIDEMap helpdesk ticket at (please choose eRIDE as a topic).