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12/1/2003  RIDE - latest on the LEP Census application on eRIDE  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is to inform you that you may start data entering the LEP Census information with the new Web-based application on eRIDE. Here are the latest updates: 1. the 'entering' and 'current' proficiency levels have been changed to: beginning, developing, expanding and proficient; 2. For the 'exit reasons', we changed Sp. Ed to IEP; 3. For the services model, we now have Bilingual/ESL* where ESL* includes 'ESL Sheltered Content (Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.); 4. 01-02 service records have been merged with 02-03 service records, which means you now have upto two years' of historical service records for each student; 5. We move one-grade up for all students, which means you will need to move down one grade for those who were not promoted from last year; 6. The monitor year 1 and year 2 have been actived; a student may be monitored for upto 2 years; Updates planned: 1. Mac II levels will be updated; 2. you will be required to check Y or N for each one of the program fields; currently, if you do not check it, we assume it is N; We therefore suggest you do NOT initiate a student record until you have a full set of information for that student, particularly the student's IEP, vocEd, title I, Migrant and Immigrant Status. 3. reporting/analytical tools, list or count by prof. level, language, services, grade, teacher, demographics, etc. Your Login information is attached. Please do not share your Login and Password with your colleagues. To request a new eRIDE account, please call or email Melissa Cabral 222-4600 x 2101, You may also contact us if you have any questions or experiencing any problems with the application.