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10/7/2013  Rhode Island Compulsory Attendance Law and Alternative Learning Guidance  Lee Rabbitt 
The Rhode Island Compulsory Attendance Law, RIGL 16-19-1, requires all students who have not yet reached the age of 18 to be continuously enrolled in school or to be enrolled in an approved alternate-learning program. RIDE is providing additional guidance to ensure that LEAs and the alternate-learning programs are adhering to the law and are providing the appropriate supports to students. The new guidance and additional materials can be accessed on the RIDE website, at: Included in the new Alternative Learning Guidance document are: protocols for both schools and alternate programs; forms to be used in the process of development and monitoring of the alternative program; FAQs regarding the statutes; as well as the complete statute. Please note, these students must be reported as enrolled, outplaced students. We have added all the GED programs to the list of valid outplacement schools. Districts must keep attendance for these students and upload it to RIDE at least once a month. Please contact if you have any questions.