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11/26/2003  RIDE - critical information on updating the student information for state assessment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to confirm that you have received the data application in your eRIDE portal which you will need to begin updating the Student Information for State Assessment. As you were informed by our Assessment Office and through the data trainings in the past two days, all work has to be completed by December the 10th with no exceptions. Any delay or any errors in reporting will result in mis-calculations of the state assessment results and consequently mis-classifications of your schools. Instructions on how to proceed with the work has been also posted online, or you may click/type this Web page address to view the document: If you're a data manager, please ensure your data staff have the appropriate access to this application in their eRIDE portal so that they can begin the work immediately. If this application was delivered to your eRIDE portal by mistake, please contact us ( or your district's data manager to have this application removed. Thank you for your cooperation!