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9/18/2013  CTE Data Collection Study Year  Lee Rabbitt 
The CTE office at RIDE is in the process of building a CTE measurement system (in accordance with the Regulations Governing Career and Technical Education in Rhode Island Section 2.2) that will help to ensure each CTE program is providing the experiences and delivering the outcomes that will prepare each student for success. This measurement system will become a key component in CTE program evaluation and benchmarks will be used to hold programs accountable to reaching desired student outcome targets. As a first step, the office worked with individuals representing CTE to develop outcome measures for each CTE program. The system will include a combination of program level and student level metrics that demonstrate program efficiency and effectiveness. The next step is to collect study-year data to model and validate each measure. In the coming few weeks, a small group of programs will be asked to provide study-year data for the pilot (from the 2012/13 school year). If your team is not part of the study-year collection, please be prepared that next year the additional data collection will be consolidated into future RIDE collections. If your school is part of the study-year, a collection tool and instructions will be sent out during the last week of September for completion by November 1st.