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9/3/2013  Update School Profile  Lee Rabbitt 
From the Commissioner's Field Memo: SurveyWorks 2013-14 to begin November 12 Principals to appoint site coordinators by September 9 Action Item We received your feedback from the field and are pleased to announce that SurveyWorks, our annual survey of students, parents, teachers, and staff members, will begin on Tuesday, November 12, and will run through Friday, December 13. This earlier timeline will create an opportunity for schools to implement SurveyWorks during parent-teacher conferences as an important component of home-school communication. We are asking for your assistance in getting the word out and supporting our efforts by collaborating with your principals to reach as many parents and guardians as possible. More specifically, we are asking for help with the following: data managers to update the master district list and school profile in eRide; and principals to appoint site coordinators no later than September 9 to prepare for survey implementation. Please visit the SurveyWorks page, at, and the InfoWorks page, at, for continued SurveyWorks information. In the upcoming weeks, we will be reaching out to your principals to assist with the training of new site coordinators and with the implementation of this process as we move forward. The data collected will help provide you with more timely information that you can use to improve education in your schools.