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11/23/2003  RIDE - last reminder on updating Student Information data trainings  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to remind you that RIDE is offering training/workshop sessions on updating the Student Information for State Assessment on Monday and Tuesday (11/24, 11/25). It's critical that your district understands the procedure and completes the updates by Dec 10th. If you have not signed for yourself or for your staff who will be updating the student records on eRIDE, you still have time to do so before the sessions start. To sign up for yourself or for your staff, simply login to eRIDE with the attached user login and password, and then click on SIS Data Trainings. Data application for updating the student information for state assessment will be delivered to your eRIDE portal before the training. We strongly ask the district data manager to attend. If the data manager can not attend, please sign up at least one other data staff for one of the sessions. It is the superintendent's direct responsiblity that the data staff are fully informed of the appropriate directions (which will be covered at the trainings and posted online afterwards) are followed and the updates are completed before October 10th. Thank you for your cooperation!