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7/29/2013  eRIDE information  Mario P Goncalves 
Good morning, Today is the due date for EOY reports. Please have your superintendent sign off for all reports list below: 1-Submission Report 2-Absence Unexcused 3-Absence Excused 4-Absenteeism 5-ADA - State Calculated 6-ADM - State Calculated 7-Suspensions Report - Total 8-Suspensions Report - Unique 9-Truancy Report We took the Tardy and Early Dismissal reports out of the reports list because we have an issue with these two reports that needs to be look at before districts can sign it. Today from 5:00PM to 7:00PM eRIDE will be down for maintenance. The Webex for tomorrow is cancel do to short staff, starting August 1st the enrollment census will be open to upload enrollment for the new school year 2013-14. Please let me know any questions or problems.